MTM Studio

MTM Studios is the place to record your podcast, show, or webinar.

Studio Rental


Studio Q&A

1. Is the studio fully equipped?

Yes. Please see our equipment list here.

2. When is the studio available?

Please see the calendar above for openings.

Monday-Friday 9am–5pm. 
Saturday 10am-2pm

Sunday is not available

3. How is studio time paid?

One Time Reservation: Rental fee is required during reservation.

Reoccurring Reservations: Rental fee is required during reservation. We will update your reservation to indicate your reoccurring day and time for one month (4 consecutive Dates).

4. Can I submit my podcast/show to be aired on Mixed Talk Radio?

Yes! Use the studio to record your show then submit the edited audio file to us to air. 

Shows cannot contain any music or profanity. See our Terms & Conditions

30min Radio Show= Free

If you would like to be a Radio host our Radio Rates for 1-2 hour shows include a downloaded audio file of your LIVE show for you to use on any of your platforms.

5. Can I have clients/guests in the studio?

Yes. Our studio can accommodate a total of 5 people.

6. Will my first session cost extra?

No. Your first session will include an orientation. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.

7. How are audio files delivered?

Bring your laptop and a thumb drive. Transfer the files to your device.

Please note that the studio is set up as record-only. Editing must be done post-session in your location or through a hired service professional.