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Let's Talk Life XL Radio Show with MTM Founder Shunte Gamble

Let's Talk Life XL Radio Show & Podcast talks about life as it is; no sugar coating! From relationships, to work, Shunte and her guests provide alternate perspectives through insightful interviews that have the power to move you forward.

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About the Host

Shunte is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, passionate author, radio personality, and personal development advocate. Her most important adventure is being the proud mother of two amazing sons, Jontue and Braylon. Shunte is on a mission to be an effective catalyst for change. She is dedicated to impacting lives through messages filled with experience, hope in loss, and success.

CEO of

MTM Media (Magazine, Radio & Studio)
Women Empowering Change


The Day I Dressed the Big Boy Way

Therapy for your Soul Book of Poetry

Holding on to Hope 21 Day Devotional 

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