2022 CFC Radio Award

The CFC Radio Awards is an award program purposed to recognize Mixed Talk Radio hosts for their expectational work to entertain, empower, and/or inspire listeners. 


1. Listener's Choice Award (Voted by the Public)

2. The Impact Award (Voted by MTM Admin)

The Basics

What/Who is WEC? Women Empowering Change is a non profit organization owned by Shunte Gamble. Women Empowering Change (WEC) and Mixed Talk Media (MTM) work together to spotlight entrepreneurs and empower the community. The Catalyst 4 Change Awards have been extended to MTM Radio hosts. 

Eligibility: Must be an active Mixed Talk Media Radio Host.

Interview (Optional): The interview generally takes a less than 30 minutes to complete. 

Application/Award Fee: NONE. Entrants must purchase a Summit Ticket. 

Terms & Conditions: See the complete Terms & Conditions for the CFC Radio Awards. CLICK HERE


Recognizing Professionals since 2013