Listen Live

Advertise Live On-Air!

Build your brand and business presence of our listeners!

Whether you have a monthly marketing budget or you only want one-time advertising deals, 

we are here to get your business name heard.

Radio Ads

We are all about supporting your brand awareness!

-Ads run for only $1 per airing.
-Aired during peak listening times.

Radio Advertisement- Send us your ad to be aired.

Flyer Placement- Bonus Offer!


Store Fronts

We are all about community and support! We thank you for playing our radio station in your store.

-Play our station during the hours of 10am-4pm

-Display a small table tent that features our radio name and -QR code for listening.

Our Support

MTM Rep will visit participating storefronts during listening times of 9am-4pm (Monday-Friday). If the MTM radio is playing, we will host a 5 minute promo plug (video & audio for social media and radio). 

Promo Plug-Interviews will be ran on Mixed Talk Radio.

Radio Advertisement- Your ad aired.

Flyer Placement- We will add your Flyer or logo to our MTM Website Home page (listener landing page).

Magazine Spotlights-Discounts to advertise your store.