MTM Studios

Our Studio is PERFECT for professionals with great content they want to create. 

Partner with us for quality and affordable rates.


Great space to record your shows. Plus host up to 4 guests in studio.

Webinar/Show Hosts

Host your show, online course, or training with us. Invite up to 4 guest speakers to join you In Studio.

DIY | Tutorials

Record your tutorials or DIY projects in studio. Bring your own backdrop with your custom logo while taping.

MT Radio Hosts

Mixed Talk Radio hosts have access to the studio. Join the team and record your show to be aired. Monetize your show with Ads inserted into your show time slot.

Get Started in 1 Step! 

R E S E R V E | S P A C E 


1. Sound Paneling

2. Hardware

-2 Microphones w/Pop Filters & Adjustable Arms

-Audacity Audio Recorder 

3. Additional features

-Studio lighting

-Smart TV perfect for displaying your logo or notes (January 2021)

-Table and 3 chairs

-Tripod for camera, GoPro, web cam or smart phone 

Audacity(R) is a free audio tool.